Head of State

First Minister

Queen: Elizabeth II

Mark Drakeford (Labour, since December 2018)

Population 3,063,456
Size 20,799 Km2 (8,022 sq. miles)
MEPs 4 (Joined the EU in 1973 as part of the UK)
Next legislative election May 2021
Presidency of the Council None
Last meeting with Theresa May 19 December 2018
Brexit priorities In Wales, a majority of citizens voted to leave the EU. One of the reasons was related to the level of immigration, which will be one of the country’s main priorities in the negotiations.

The main priority will be to stay in the Single Market, as proposed in a White Paper by former First Minister Jones and Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood. Mark Drakeford also called on Theresa May to rule out a no-deal Brexit and said he feels another referendum is unavoidable.

As Wales receives many regional funds from the EU, the country will also be keeping a close eye on the effects of Brexit on the EU budget and the impact this will have on the funds it currently receives.

Wales is a member of the joint ministerial committee  that coordinates the relationships between Downing Street and the devolved administrations and functions as a platform for discussing all matters related to Brexit.

What Mr Jones said on Brexit 8 September 2016

“I believe the process of withdrawal must be accompanied by a reformed governance of the United Kingdom for the long term. There can be no return to the old constitutional status quo, where the United Kingdom was one of the most centralized states in the developed world.”

24 October 2016

We believe that a UK Negotiating Framework should be developed, based on principles and aims (but without revealing a detailed negotiating hand) and this, linked to invoking Article 50, should be the subject of a vote in all four of the United Kingdoms parliaments and assemblies.”

Jointly written with Leanne Wood on 22 January 2017

“We were told during the referendum that Wales would not lose a penny of its current funding as a result of leaving the EU and we intend to ensure that the UK government fulfils this promise.”

“We won’t stand for Wales to be weakened as a result of Brexit, and believe that our plan is the best route to securing a good deal for our country.”

30 January 2017

“We do now need more meat on the bones as far as what the UK government proposes to do as we leave the EU.”

“Article 50 has to be triggered to my mind. The people of Wales voted to leave the EU. I’m not going to stand in the way of that. It’s what happens afterwards that’s important.”

26 February 2017

“So we need to make sure that goods are able to move between Wales and the Republic of Ireland on the same basis as they are between Northern Ireland and the Republic, or we lose trade and we lose jobs in the Welsh ports.”
“What I would not support is any kind of deal where it’s easier to move goods into the EU via Northern Ireland than through the Welsh ports.”
Wales’ priorities Welsh Government’s main priority is to make sure Westminster takes its interests into account running up to and during the Brexit negotiations and deal with its sluggish economy.

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