Project Brexit


Head of State

First Minister

Queen: Elizabeth II

Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish National Party, since November 2014)

Population 5,373,000
Size 78,789 km² (30,420 sq. miles)
MEPs 6 (Joined the EU in 1973 as part of the UK)
Next legislative election 2021
Presidency of the Council None
Last meeting with Theresa May 30 January 2017
Brexit priorities The Scottish Government believes Westminster refuses to consider Scotland’s vote to stay in the EU and wants to fight to stay in the single market, while it also threatens Westminster on having another independence referendum. Opinion polls are narrowing and are currently indecisive.

Scotland voted overwhelmingly to say in the EU and now the UK Government plans to take the UK out of the single market, the Scottish Government’s priority is to influence the UK Government in such a way that the costs of leaving are reduced to a minimum. This is why it voted against the UK Government’s proposal to trigger Article 50.

Scotland is a member of the joint ministerial committee that coordinates the relationships between Downing Street and the devolved administrations and functions as a platform for discussing all matters related to Brexit.

What Mrs Sturgeon said on Brexit 15 July 2016

“I have been very clear that we have to make sure that Scotland’s interests are protected and I want to examine every option of doing that.”

24 January 2017

“This raises fundamental issues above and beyond that of EU membership. Is Scotland content for our future to be dictated by an increasingly rightwing Westminster government with just one MP here, or is it better that we take our future into our own hands? It is becoming ever clearer that this is a choice that Scotland must make.”

29 January 2017

“No sign whatsoever that the UK government is taking Scotland’s position remotely seriously.”

“So far, the Tories’ words on respecting Scotland’s voice and the UK being a partnership of equals have amounted to nothing more than empty rhetoric.”

“In terms of me getting a sense of whether Scotland is going to be listened to at all, that period between now and triggering of Article 50 is absolutely crucial.”

6 February 2017

“This Holyrood debate is a chance for our national parliament to reaffirm the voice of the people of Scotland and make clear that, as a nation, we oppose the catastrophic hard Brexit now being pursued by the Tories at Westminster.”

Scotland’s priorities While the Government will continue to pressure Theresa May for a bigger say on the final Brexit deal, it will also continue to push for a possible second independence referendum.

The Government wants to improve education by closing the attainment gap in schools.

The fight against austerity and growth of the economy are also priorities for this Government as it tries to navigate the volatility of oil prices.

While managing its new powers over income tax, the Scottish Government also wants to introduce tougher climate change targets and expand on childcare.

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