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For more information on how the UK will withdraw from the EU, the potential scenarios for the future UK relationship with the EU and how this will impact on your organisation, please visit our dedicated Project Brexit site.

The European Union plays an enormous role in developing and implementing legislation that affects a wide range of industries and sectors across the Member States. Despite the recent British vote to leave, this includes, both now and for the foreseeable future, the UK. Even after the UK has formally left, engagement with the various EU institutions will also be crucial for any company, trade association, charity and individual operating in the remaining 27 Member States.

The EU is a complex network of different institutions including the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Permanent Representations of the Member States, all of whom have different priorities and must be approached in different ways. This overlapping web of different bodies will add further complexity to Britain’s negotiations to leave the Union.

The Whitehouse team contains some of the industry’s foremost experts in EU regulation and public affairs. We help clients build effective relationships with the various institutions and policy-makers within them, enabling them to understand the complicated process of drawing up and then passing legislation in the EU – and, most importantly, how they can influence this process.

We understand that for many businesses within the UK, the EU can be a distant and slightly forbidding web of poorly-understood bodies. Added to this is the uncertainty that will now come with lengthy negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal from the Union. With consultants drawn from a range of different European backgrounds and competent in a number of different European languages, our mission is to demystify the EU and the withdrawal negotiation process for our clients and help them understand the steps that are being taken to achieve their objectives.

Whitehouse has helped clients in the EU on a wide range of issues, from successfully liberalising the market for sports nutrition across Europe to resolving complex tax and import issues threatening the very existence of a prosperous UK business. In addition to working with policy-makers and legislators, Whitehouse regularly advise clients on engagement with European, national and local enforcement officials to deliver proportionate interpretation and implementation of existing law.

Clients we have worked with in Europe include the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance, the Very Low Calorie Diet Industry Group, CLF Distribution Ltd, Consumers for Health Choice and Holland & Barrett.

Commentary and analysis from Whitehouse consultants has appeared in national television, radio and press from various Member States as well as Euractiv, and numerous sector specific publications.

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