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Interacting with the health and social care systems in the UK has always been complex for charities, trade bodies and private sector organisations. The raft of changes to the structure, funding and regulation of the NHS as a result of 2012’s Health and Social Care Act added another layer of complexity, including new bodies created and responsibilities redistributed. However, these changes didn’t solve the long-term funding issues facing the NHS, and these dominated headlines in recent months.

The Introduction of Sustainability and Transformations Plans (STPs) across 44 regional ‘footprints’ has threatened to repeat this process, and will invariably present further risks and opportunities for stakeholders across the sector It is increasingly important for organisations not only to understand this complexity and keep up to date with policy changes, but to understand how to get the attention of an increasingly diverse and localised range of stakeholders. As the NHS finances come under intense strain and scrutiny, and public organisations merge or fade from view, successfully navigating these new structures becomes more important to organisations wishing to generate the maximum benefit for their stakeholders within the UK’s health and social care systems.

Although the EU does not directly affect health policy, there are numerous tangential impacts flowing from the UK’s vote to leave including procurement legislation, staffing shortages – both medical and administrative – and impacts on the NHS’ budget due to the challenging outlook for the UK’s finances.

Whitehouse’s many years’ experience working with the Department of Health, the NHS and its various bodies and the legislation and regulations that affect health and social care in the UK ideally position us as the go to agency to help clients navigate this complicated political and policy landscape.

Having supported a wide range of health and social care clients through all aspects of Department of Health policy development and NHS reform, we are extremely well-versed in the nuances of the healthcare system both for the public sector and those organisations and people that interact with it.  Over the years we are proud to have worked with clients to realise greater opportunities to provide products and services into the health services, to protect patients’ choice and wellbeing, strengthen regulatory safeguards and protection for healthcare professionals, and improve the health service and the outcomes it delivers for patients.

Whitehouse’s health team covers all aspects of health and social care policy, with a particular focus on areas such as healthcare estates, medical technology and innovation, commissioning and procurement, social care funding, patient choice and access to services, nutrition and obesity and private sector involvement in the NHS.

We have worked with organisations as diverse as NHS Partners Network, the LIFT Council, Assura Group, Pancreatic Cancer UK, the Urology Trade Association, the Anthony Nolan Trust, Ovarian Cancer Action, Virgin Care, Healthcare at Home and the National Aids Trust. We also provide secretariat support for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity.

Read our briefing document on the potential scenarios for UK withdrawal from the EU here.

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